Recording Studio Booking


24/hour access. $29.50 per hour. No Minimum. No Hidden Charges.

Each hour you book is a block of time. E.G. If you select the 6pm – 10pm blocks (4 Blocks) your session starts at 6pm and ends at 11pm.

Studio bookings do not include an engineer. If this is your first studio booking we strongly suggest you contact us to arrange and engineer to help setup and run you through how the patching works. There may not be anyone available to help if you get stuck.

Our Local Engineer program allows for even further disscounts for engineers and producers who are looking to build a career in the music industry. Please contact us for more information.


Studio Information

The Tall Poppy Recording studio is a commercial quality facility built from the ground up to deliver high quality sound for any application. The acoustics of large studio space can be quickly adjusted to suit the genre that is being recorded, something that can not be achieved in any other studio in Queensland. The heart of the control features a 56 Channel Soundcraft console that has the flexibility to work on the most demanding sessions. We can help you create the product that you want to release to world so that your music translates to every person that it reaches.


The Tall Poppy Recording Studio has been built specifically with music production in mind. We have a number of acoustic treated recording spaces that are all isolated and sound proof from each other with some of the best equipment in the industry. This means you can easily track a number of instruments and parts at one time. In fact, this is the ideal solution if you are a band looking to capture that music vibe that gets so lost these days with everyone recording at seperate times, and even seperate locations.

Get back to the way music is meant to be recorded and experience a studio that makes the recording process enjoyable, fun and best of all sound amazing. Some of the features of the Tall Poppy recording studio:

  • A number of isolated recording spaces so multiple people can record at once
  • Acoustically designed spaces that can dynamically change with each project
  • Seperate monitoring system with the lowest latency so you can feel confident when playing
  • Some of the best equipment in the industry so you sound amazing

If you thought this was great, you can also work with some of our fantastic engineers and producers that will work with you get the best result we can. Our goal is to get the meaning and feel of your tracks to translate the way you want, this involves a close collaboration that you can not find anywhere else.


The studio facility features a main tracking room that is 6m x 10m x 4.5m high. It’s large enough for a project of any size and we have had choirs of 60 people here to record. Attached to the tracking room is a spacious control room that can accomodate 5-10 people comfortably. This may include an engineer, producer, members of the band and any other extra people.

Attached to the control room are 2 isolation booths that connect to the main tracking space. These booths can be used to isolate guitar amplifiers, or extra people to record at once. Generally the booths are used to isolate cabinets and there are ties to the main tracking room so all members can be in the same space together, but the sound is isolated. This makes doing overdubs a very simple process.

The studio reception area features a full kitchen with a refrigerator and coffee machine, ready for all the artists to use at any time.



Studio Equipment

Main Tracking Room – 10m x 6m x 4.5m (h)
Control Room – 6m x 4m x 3m (h)
2 x Isolation Rooms – 2m x 2m x 3m (h)
Private Kitchen and lounge area – 50sqm

Soundcraft 3200 56-Channel Analogue Console

ProTools|HD 10 (32 Input 24 Outputs)
1 x 192 IO
2 x 96 IO
003 Rack

Quested V3110
Sonarworks Room & Headphone Calibration

JLM Audio TMP-8 – 8 Channel Preamp
Avalon 737-SP Channel Strip
Avalon M5 Preamp
Neve 517 Preamp/Compressor
Great River MP-500NV Preamp
Diyre Colour
2 x Western Dynamo 19-09 Opto Compressors
RNC 1773

AKG C414 ULS x2
AKG C414 XLS x 1
AKG C414 XLII x 1
AKG C214 x 2
AKG D112
Neumann U87
Neumann KM184
Rode K2
Rode NT6 x 4
Rode NT5 x 2
Rode NT55
Rode NTR
SM57 x 5
Shure SM7
Shure Beta87a
Sennheiser E606
Audio Technica Omni-directional
Shure Beta 52
Carillon Axis 70
Yamaha sub kick
Slate Digital VMS

Behringer Powerplay P16 System
5 x P16-M Personal Monitoring Units
AKG & Shure Headphones

Terms & Conditions

The authorised recipient of the Booking Confirmation acknowledges the acceptance of the below Tall Poppy Productions Terms and Conditions.

Confirmation Of Studio Booking by Client:

A booking is considered confirmed when the Tall Poppy Productions “Order Confirmation” is sent by Tall Poppy Productions. Full payment for sessions is required upon booking.

Cancellation or Postponement of Confirmed Studio Booking:

Once a booking is confirmed, a 50% cancellation or postponement fee applies up to 48 hours prior to cancellation/postponement, or 100% if cancelled/postponed within 48 hours of the booking.


The artist/s, producer/s, and engineer/s attending studio sessions on Client’s behalf are deemed by Tall Poppy Productions to be duly authorised representatives of the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to set limits on charges arising from or for sessions. Tall Poppy Productions are not liable for any costs or expenses incurred by the Client’s representatives during the course of or related to studio sessions.

Goods and Services Tax:

All prices quoted are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to addition of Goods and Services Tax and any other tax or charge imposed by any Government agency on goods or services quoted or on production, sale, distribution, delivery or on any feature of such goods and services if applicable. All such taxes are payable by the Client and will be added to the price by Tall Poppy Productions.

Payment Terms:

Payment in full is required before the completion of each studio booking. All materials, tapes, discs, and computer files/drives created at Tall Poppy Productions remain the property of Tall Poppy Productions until payment is received in full. Remittance is accepted by all major credit cards, cash and direct deposit. The Client will be liable for any fees, costs and expenses incurred by Tall Poppy Productions for any debt collection process.

Refund Policy:

Unless there is a technical fault with the recordings or masters provided, Tall Poppy Productions does not offer refunds.

Masters Delivery:

If paid in full, masters are delivered within 3 working days of the day of the scheduled session. If they are delivered by post or courier, the client is responsible for these charges.

Occupational Health & Safety:

Clients and their representatives located on Tall Poppy Productions premises must comply with Tall Poppy Productions occupational health and safety guidelines. Tall Poppy Productions reserves its rights absolutely to refuse use of any Client or Client representative’s equipment (including software) on Tall Poppy Productions premises if, in Tall Poppy Productions opinion, such equipment exposes Tall Poppy Productions property to risk of loss or damage, is unsafe or breaches occupational health and safety laws including failure to comply with Electrical Safety Standards AS/NZS 3760:2003.

Damage & Loss:

The Client indemnifies Tall Poppy Productions and its employees against all and any losses, damages or claims by third parties howsoever arising in respect of any loss or damage to any property including tapes, disks and media, corruption of data or computer systems and software, breach of intellectual property rights, personal injury or death, breach of contract or breach of law caused by an act or omission of the Client or its representatives. The Client is liable for all and any losses, damages or claims in respect of any loss or damage to any of Tall Poppy Productions property including tapes, disks and media, corruption of data or computer systems and software, breach of Tall Poppy Productions intellectual property rights, personal injury, breach of contract or breach of law caused by an act or omission of the Client or its representatives. To the extent permitted by law, Tall Poppy Productions is not liable for any losses, damages or claims arising out of or in connection with this contract, the use of Tall Poppy Productions premises or equipment (including software) by the Client or its representatives, the provision of services or advice by Tall Poppy Productions or its employees, including but not limited to breakdowns or defects in equipment, facilities, and materials provided by Tall Poppy Productions or any default on the part of Tall Poppy Productions or its employees in connection with or during the carrying out of any work by Tall Poppy Productions or its employees. Whilst every effort is made to ensure reasonable security, Tall Poppy Productions accepts no liability for loss, theft or damage to Client property, tapes or recording/backup media whilst on our premises. In the case of transfers from old medium (eg; analog tapes, old tape or old digital formats) to new, Tall Poppy Productions makes no guarantee of success. All care but no responsibility will be taken during the process of transfer. Tall Poppy Productions equipment and specifications are subject to change without notice.


If archiving of mastered projects is requested, Tall Poppy Productions archives the material on the most reliable media available at the time of archiving. Tall Poppy Productions takes utmost care with the archiving and storing of materials, but will not take responsibility for media that deteriorates over time, breaks, develops faults, or is in a format that becomes obsolete. Tall Poppy Productions does not guarantee the archives can be recovered and the service is used for convenience and not to maintain data integrity.


Q: Where is the recording studio located?
A: The recording studio is located inside the Tall Poppy facility at 3/629 Toohey Rd, Salisbury Q 4107

Q: Am I able to have a tour of the studio before I book?
A: Of Course! We would love to talk with you about your project and discuss any options you may require. You can contact us here to organise a time.

Q: Do I have to book and assistant engineer for my session?
A: We do not enforce that an assistant is required, however, we strongly suggest that if you are unsure of the studio patching you organise an assistant. We have attempted to may the studio as friendly as possible but it still needs to be flexible. Having an assistant could save you countless hours of trial and error getting your session going and save you valuable headspace at the start of your project. Please contact us if you require an engineer for your session.

Q: How easy is the studio to operate?
A: The studio is patched very easily to get going although flexible enough for the most demanding sessions. If you have a good understanding of ProTools and signal flow then with some simple instruction the studio will be easy for you to get going. Keep in mind that this is a professional commercial studio therefore some things are simple “plug and play” while others may require some more advanced knowledge of the studio.

Q: Can I bring in other external outboard equipment?
A: Yes! We have the ability to add or patch in extra equipment for your session. Please let us know in advance of how many channels you may require so we can prepare any additional cabling that you may need.

Q: Can I set up before my session starts?
A: Unfortunately not. The session times that you book include all setup and packdown. There may be someone starting a project straight after you so please keep this in mind if you require time to pack down.

Q: Can my assistant help me for the whole overnight session?
A: If you require an engineer or assistant for an overnight session please contact before booking and we can arrange someone for you. By default it is difficult to guarantee someone is available to work in the studio into the early hours of the morning but we will try our best.

Q: I have some specific requirements, are you able to help me?
A: Yes! We can generally organise anything you may require for you sessions. From Drumkits, pianos to catering or anything else. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements we are more than happy to help.

Q: How many people can I bring to my session?
A: As many as you want! Please keep in mind the space that you have for people and also the responsibility for any equipment damage or stolen equipment will fall to the person who booked the session. If you require additional rooms for practise or warming up our rehearsal rooms can be booked online here.

Q: Are the Rehearsal Rooms included in my studio hire?
A: No. Your booking does not include the use of the rehearsal rooms. If you require extra space please book these online here.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule my session?
A: We do not offer refunds for cancellations or rescheduling of sessions. Please refer to our cancellation policy for further information, or feel free to send us a message if you have any questions. However, if your session is more than 14 days away we can generally work something out.