The Tall Poppy Recording studio is a commercial quality facility built from the ground up to deliver high quality sound for any application. The acoustics of large studio space can be quickly adjusted to suit the genre that is being recorded, something that can not be achieved in any other studio in Queensland. The heart of the control features a 56 Channel Soundcraft console that has the flexibility to work on the most demanding sessions. We can help you create the product that you want to release to world so that your music translates to every person that it reaches.


The Tall Poppy Recording Studio has been built specifically with music production in mind. We have a number of acoustic treated recording spaces that are all isolated and sound proof from each other with some of the best equipment in the industry. This means you can easily track a number of instruments and parts at one time. In fact, this is the ideal solution if you are a band looking to capture that music vibe that gets so lost these days with everyone recording at seperate times, and even seperate locations.

Get back to the way music is meant to be recorded and experience a studio that makes the recording process enjoyable, fun and best of all sound amazing. Some of the features of the Tall Poppy recording studio:

  • A number of isolated recording spaces so multiple people can record at once
  • Acoustically designed spaces that can dynamically change with each project
  • Seperate monitoring system with the lowest latency so you can feel confident when playing
  • Some of the best equipment in the industry so you sound amazing

If you thought this was great, you can also work with some of our fantastic engineers and producers that will work with you get the best result we can. Our goal is to get the meaning and feel of your tracks to translate the way you want, this involves a close collaboration that you can not find anywhere else.

To get started all you need to do is begin a conversation with us so we can discuss the best way to move your project forward.

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Mixing is way more art and soul than science. We don’t really know what we’re doing. We’ve all been faking it for 40 years. We do it because we love music. It’s what gets me going every day. It’s the love of music first. Eddie Kramer

What People Are Saying

“It was by far the best recording experience I’ve had and this was entirely due to your supportive, patient, professional approach to the whole process. I’m particularly appreciative of your willingness to go the extra mile when mastering and editing the tracks to produce a very high quality product that I’m extremely proud of.”Matt Fasso
“Tall Poppy were super professional and helpful throughout the whole recording process, not to mention incredibly talented at what they do! They completely exceeded all my expectations. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to do recording work.”Jess Irwin
“I was really impressed at how friendly, genuine and into collaborating they were, and I felt no stress, and just enjoyed the experience. I don’t normally do testimonials but I feel Tall Poppy are very deserving of one. If you want to get the best sound you can you won’t be disappointed.Joe Thompson
“Working alongside Tall Poppy Productions has demonstrated the value and importance of professionals in the Music Industry. It has been the utmost pleasure to work alongside them given their eyes and ears for detail. I look forward to continuing such a relationship and happily suggest them for further projects.”Sam McConochie
“For the first time EVER I was listening to a track of my voice recorded and I was enjoying it. They have made a life time customer and friend out of me. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made trust me.”Andy Millar
“Could not have asked for a more professional, enjoyable (and so far successful!) recording process. Hell of a team right here and I can’t thank them enough!”Josh Cranstoun


The recording process can seem overwhelming and complicated when you first get started. We are here to help you navigate the waters of the whole process by helping you though ever step of the process.

Not ever project will required every step but we think you’ll agree it’s good for an artist to have an idea of the whole process from beginning to end.

Pre production is the process of recording your songs in a basic way so they be discussed, chopped, changed, restructured and in general made better. The process is usually done in a night session well before the tracking of the recorded is booked in. The whole band play together like at rehearsal but all the instruments are recorded on separate tracks so parts can be muted or soloed. Once the songs are recorded you can sit down with the producer and talk about ideas to improve the song. The Tall Poppy Studio is the only facility that makes this process easy with plenty of channels and easy headphone monitoring that allows each player to have their own mix.Once the changes have been discussed and rehearsed it is then time to move onto tracking the record.
Tracking is the main part of the process for the band and involves the recording and overdubbing of all the instruments for the record. The process usually starts by using the pre production guides or click tracks to record the drums, bass and other instruments together to get the vibe of the band. Once a solid rhythm section has been recorded it’s time to move onto all of the other parts and vocals. The high end equipment in the studio makes everything sound great but it is still up to you, the artist, to make the performance count. With an engineer and a producer there to help you out, magic moments of creativity can be captured and still used during mixdown.
ProTools is your friend when it comes to editing. We can take all the different vocal recordings and comp them together, as well as multitracked guitars and pretty much any instrument. During the editing part of the record process we are preparing the tracks for mixdown and making choices on which parts to keep and what to chuck out making sure only parts that are required to make the song the best are left in.
Mixing is one of the most fun parts of the process for us engineers. We take all of the individual instruments that were recorded and editing and put them all together in a stereo file. During the mixing process we are making sure all of the instruments fit in to the audio spectrum for what is best for the song. Adding delays, reverbs and then balancing all the levels are mainly done during the mixing process.
Unlike the mixing process where we are looking at all the individual instruments in a song, during the mastering process we are looking at the record as a whole. Each song is balanced in level and tone so that it flows into the next making sure the listen receives the best listening experience of your music.

Engineering vs Producing

The job of a producer on your record is quite different from an engineer. An engineer is there to place the microphones in the correct position, make sure the gain is set right on the preamps and make the best recording of the instrument that he can. It is a very technical aspect of the process. A producer is there to make sure the artist is comfortable, playing the right parts and to get the best performance he can. These days the engineer and the producer are usually the same person but it is good to be aware of the different roles they play in the studio process.



The studio facility features a main tracking room that is 6m x 10m x 4.5m high. It’s large enough for a project of any size and we have had choirs of 60 people here to record. Attached to the tracking room is a spacious control room that can accomodate 5-10 people comfortably. This may include an engineer, producer, members of the band and any other extra people.

Attached to the control room are 2 isolation booths that connect to the main tracking space. These booths can be used to isolate guitar amplifiers, or extra people to record at once. Generally the booths are used to isolate cabinets and there are ties to the main tracking room so all members can be in the same space together, but the sound is isolated. This makes doing overdubs a very simple process.

The studio reception area features a full kitchen with a refridgerator and coffee machine, ready for all the artists to use at any time.

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If you require a producer or engineer for your project – Come and talk with us and see how easy it is to get started!

What Some More People Are Saying

“Fantastic experience with the Tall Poppy crew. They made me incredibly comfortable, even made me dinner! 10/10 would recommend for anyone looking to record anything.”Paul Van Den Hoorn
“It was a great production. Working with them was a breeze and we felt at home straight away. Really enjoyed the recording. The crew at Tall Poppy Productions had their door wide open from the start. These guys a really flexible. Really enjoyed working with them. Thank you.”Dominic Rado
“They don’t just know what they’re doing – they actually care about getting your band the best possible product. Extremely impressed, fantastic value for money.”Tim Edwards
“As soon as we arrived we were greeted with a smile and treated like an important client even though we were just there to look at the facilities. Tall Poppy have all the high end gear you would expect, and the experience to utilise it, as well as a great work ethic and the desire to help a project fly after the recording.”Nick Skinn
“Had an incredible experience when Tall Poppy helped us with a recording the National Breast Cancer Song “Mother Sisters Daughters Lovers”. Incredibly professional and a fantastic end result! Much appreciated!”Timothy Alan Pitchford
“We couldn’t be happier with the results Tall Poppy produced in such a short time frame. Excellent results & fantastic process. With the right encouragement & support we were able to hit it when needed. Awesome facilities.”Pete Stevens
“Being the first time we had been into a studio we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but from the first day Tall Poppy made us feel welcome and at ease which in turn made us feel comfortable to be ourselves which really translated its self onto the record.”Peter Horn
“His honesty with the recording was remarkable. If he felt a certain track was not up to scratch, he made mention of it and this helped build clarity between the engineer and the band. Thier broad range of skills and the studios excellent equipment helped create a CD which we are highly proud of and we have no regrets from the experience.”Kane Bengtsen


Below is a list of Studio Equipment that is supplied for free with each session. Although we try to have all of the equipment available for your session, from time to time equipment is out for maintenance or repair. If there is something on the list that is essential for your project please let us know and we can make sure that it is available for you.

We can also source a number of other instruments and equipment from hire companies around Brisbane. If there is something that you would like to use we can try and source this for you to use in your project.

Main Tracking Room – 10m x 6m x 4.5m (h)
Control Room – 6m x 4m x 3m (h)
2 x Isolation Rooms – 2m x 2m x 3m (h)
Private Kitchen and lounge area – 50sqm
Soundcraft 3200 56-Channel 32 Bus Analogue Console

32 x Mic/Line Inputs with Phase, High Pass & Low Pass Filters, Gate, 4 Band Parametric EQ, Switchable Insert and Pan.

24 Return Channels with Phase, High Pass & Low Pass Filters, Gate, 4 Band Parametric EQ, Switchable Insert and Pan.

ProTools|HD 32 Input 24 Outputs
1 x 192 IO
2 x 96 IO
003 Rack for ProTools 12 Playback

TDM Waves (ProTools 10HD)
API 560
CLA Compressors
Gold Bundle
Masters Bundle
PuigTec EQs
Renaissance Bass
SSL 4000 Collection
Vocal Rider

Additional Native Waves
CLA Signature Series
Greg Wells Voice Centric
JJP Signature Series
L3-16 Multimaximiser
OneKnob Filer
Reel ADT

Other Plugins
Slate Digital Everything Bundle including VMS
Celemony Melodyne
Eiosis AirEW Premium
Eiosis E2Desser
Soundtoys Full Bundle
Trigger 2
Toneforge Menace
iZotope Neuron
Refx Nexus
East West Creative Collection

Main Monitoring Quested V3110 Calibrated with Sonarworks Reference

Available if required:
Dynaudio BM12
Yamaha HS80
Yamaha NS10

JLM Audio TMP-8 – 8 Channel Preamp
Avalon 737-SP Channel Strip
Avalon M5 Preamp
Neve 517 Preamp/Compressor
Great River MP-500NV Preamp
Diyre Colour Palette
2 x Western Dynamo 19-09 Opto Compressors
RNC 1773 Stereo Compressor
ProTech Mono Compressos
TC M-One XL Reverb Unit
AKG C414 ULS x2
AKG C414 XLS x 1
AKG C414 XLII x 1
AKG C214 x 2
AKG D112
Neumann U87
Neumann KM184
Rode K2
Rode NT6 x 4
Rode NT5 x 2
Rode NT55
Rode NTR x 2
SM57 x 5
Shure SM7
Shure Beta87a
Sennheiser E606
Audio Technica Omni-directional
Shure Beta 52
Yamaha Sub Kick
Slate Digital VMS
Behringer Powerplay P16 System
5 x P16-M Personal Monitoring Units
AKG and Shure Headphones
An album is a whole universe, and the recording studio is a three-dimensional kind of art space that I can fill with sound. Just as the album art and videos are ways of adding more dimensions to the words and music. I like to be involved in all of it because it’s all of a piece.Bat For Lashes

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