The Back Cover – Interview with Chester

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Chester, both a solo and group project brings a sound that redefines Folk and Indie Rock.

With a brooding tone and puppy dog eyes, founder and songwriter Mitchell Quinn crafts introspective tunes with haunting melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

Raised in regional Queensland by his parents; one a teacher with creative flair and the other a successful singer/songwriter, Quinn’s influence developed heavily from their career choices. Writing for Chester first begun during a flood in 2014, with only a broken guitar and a candle salvaged from the waters, Chester put the dream into reality and put songs to paper.

Fascinated with music from an early age, Quinn embraced an eclectic variety of artists from Jack White, Johnny Cash, Jamie T and Kings of Leon, to The National and Bright Eyes. These artists left an evident lasting mark on the distinct style of the Chester sound, leaving the impression that you shouldn’t judge a Rock and roll book by its seemingly sombre cover.

Recently, new band members have become a permanent fixture, complimenting the individual sound of Chester. Complimenting the tight rhythm section is Claudia, a vocalist and an award winning violinist from Quatro, she secured the Golden Fiddle Award in 2012. Combining their sound with lead guitarist Morgan, who has years of collaborative experience in the Brisbane music scene, Chester brings together an unlikely combination of musicians creating an entirely unique sound.

Ever ambitious, Chester continually tours solo – both regional and interstate, in between studio time and an array of other projects.

Get a glimpse into what makes these guys tick and the inner workings of songwriting when Riley talks with Claudia and Mitch from the band during this interview on Tall Poppy Radio.


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